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Does anyone have experience with the Weatherby .257 magnum? Is this round easy to handload
for? I read, in the gun mags, that this is one of Roy Weatherby's best rounds.
I would appreciate any pro or con comments.

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This would be an excellent

This would be an excellent caliber to own in a good rifle. It has wonderful shooting qualities, with recoil right about the same as a .270 Win. But it shoots much flatter; zeroed 2" high at 100 yards with a 100 grain bullet, it is dead on at 300 yards. Bullets are available in 7 different weights, from 80 to 120 grains. If you reload, you will find that is pretty much straightforward with no special procedures required. Components are readily available, and it is not difficult to duplicate factory loads.

For an excellent article from Shooting Times, you can check this out: http://www.shootingtimes.com/ammunition/ST257weatherbymagnum_031706/index.html

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I considered a .257 Weatherby

I considered a .257 Weatherby for a while but the cost of ammo kinds changed my mind. I don't reload at this time so that was a deciding factor. Although it does shoot flatter than a .270 all the online research I have done shows the difference is not as much as people think.

Using the maximum point blank range principle the .270 130gr has a mpbr of 305 yards and the .257 120gr comes in at 317 yards. I would still like to have one but until I start reloading again it's not worth the huge price difference in ammo.

The .270wsm that I do have pretty much closes the gap and still can be had for a lot less cost.

Again this is online research so I may have missed something.

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Pro: The fastest of the more

Pro: The fastest of the more common 25 calibers


- Relatively expensive brass and ammo

- Probably not going to get the same case life of some other cartridges.

- Very few places stock 257 Weatherby ammo.

Personally I would go with a 25-06 if you are settled on a .257 caliber.

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