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257 weatherby mag

Do any of you hunters use 257 wby for elk ? I want to buy a Weatherby Ultra-light rifle, and I hear that this caliber is enough gun for elk. I have other rifles I use for elk hunting 270 wsm and 300 win mag, the weatherby I want comes in the 300 wby mag and the 257 wby mag, it only weighs 6lbs so the 300 might be a little much on recoil. Does anyone use the 300 in the ultra-light ?

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257 weatherby mag

i dont have that kind of gun man but this might give you an idea...i have the stainless stalker browning in 300wsm and the recoil isnt to bad...dont get me wrong you know your shootin the dam thing but its managable. oh ya the gun weighs 6 1/2lbs Thumbs up happy hunting

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257 weatherby mag

I've shot a few elk with a 25-06 using 120g Partitions.

The quarter bore will work on elk, especially cow and spike bulls. It's not my prefered choice for bigger bulls. There will be others that feel very comfortable shooting even big bulls with this caliber. and we can have a long discussion on what calibers are adequet.

It's the Hamer of Thor on Mule deer.

Your 257 Weatherby being slightly faster than the 25-06 should work equally well on the smaller elk.

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257 WBY

The 257 WBY very nice round I have a accumark

If I were going after elk the Barnes TSX either the 100gr or 115gr would be eexcellent 

if you do not like barnes then the 115 or 120 nosler part.

Reloader 25 works excellent in the 257 WBY


If you like Weatherby I would suggest the 270 Weatherby for elk with the 150gr Nosler Part as a better cal.

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It will

Take any elk if the shooter can shoot!! Get comfortable and shoot the heck out of it!!! If big recoil bothers you then you are not going to shoot well with the 300 anyway!!! Placement and bullet performance are key with the smaller bores. But it will do the trick. Know where it shoots at the ranges you feel your comfortable with and send us some pic's of your elk!!!

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