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2500 wat genarator enough

Thinking about hauling a small freezer on our next trip west.  We could use it at base camp for coffee pot, led lights, crock pot and freezer if we get any elk. I know hondas are the best but I can't afford one of those. Can anybody help me?

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I use a Champion 4000 watt, in my camp, to run a freezer, lights and everything else, they are a very good generator, they run $350.00 to $400.00, a 2,500 watt should work OK too, but you may not be able to run everything at the same time.


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Thanks for the reply!!!  I

Thanks for the reply!!!  I have seen the champion 2500 watt for around $200. The reviews on Cabelas were good and I think it will be fine not to run everything at the same time.  It will only be an issue if we need to run the freezer.

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I have a 3500 watt champion I got at tractor supply for $300 but cabelas has the same one with a wheel kit and cover for the same money. it will run the a/c on a camper so a freezer should be no problem

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A refrigerator or freezer

A refrigerator or freezer will not use that much juice.  I would imagine one probably wouldn't draw more than 400-500 watts after the motor kicks on.  The stuff that pulls a lot of juice would be a microwave, toaster, a heater, and stuff like that.  Watch your sales and you can pick up a 2000-2500 watt one for under $500, as was mentioned in another post.  I would like to upgrade to a Honda 2000, but I just can't see $1000 for the limited use it would get each year.

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I think we should all re-think the need for all that stuff! I find it extremely annoying when someone in a public camp area fires up the generator and lets it run for hours on end. You mentioned a Crock-Pot...good Lord please don't let that thing run all day or all night while you cook stuff in the crock! And just get ice or dry ice like the rest of us, and gas or battery lanterns, and a woodstove for heat and leave all the City stuff back at the City. Try camping the old way. It's kinda fun, and you could learn important skills in the meantime. That being said, I have had several generators in my time, and they were mostly a pain in the butt. And if you ever get shocked by one of those things, you will learn real quick how many RPM's that little evil thing can crank out when it is mad. I would, however, like to have a very small, lightwieght Honda for charging boat batteries and running my home heating system in the unlikely event of a prolonged power outage! 

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But don't you just love it

But don't you just love it when somebody pulls into camp in there camp trailer and fires up the generator so that they can have their AC and watch TV instead of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.  I have a friend that did that one year, he ran the generator all day long and into the night and that was all you could hear.  Then there are the ones that bring a electric coffee maker with them.  The fire up the generator just to perk their coffee. 

There have been a number of times that I have threatened to take a bag of sugar around to all the generators and fix them for their owners. 

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We used to camp the old-fashioned way, but don't any more. However we are sensitive to the fact that we're in the woods and do not run noisy generators. Our camper is equipped with solar panels, so that powers the lights and all the minor small stuff. Though our camper has AC, it's not needed in the mountains. For small appliances we have a 2000 watt super quiet Honda, and it indeed is very quiet.  We've thought about buying a second Honda so we can run the AC and actually use the 2 together at home as backup as well, but haven't yet. Not sure we really need it. Also not sure if the 2000 watt is enough to power a freezer, but it is enough to run the coffee pot and my curling iron - at the same time.

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I checked the power usage on

I checked the power usage on my approx 30 year old 18 cu ft freezer before our 2008 trip to CO with a Watt-Mizer meter and it only pulled about 300-330 watts to run and only spiked about 50% higher to start.  Most typical home freezers have small compressors, think mine is 1/4 hp, and are designed to run for long periods rather than very fast freeze or recovery.  The average coffee pot definitely pulls more watts than the average homeowner freezer as best as I can tell. You can also tell the difference by the sound of the motor when turning one or the other on as it loads up and stays loaded while the pot is heating the water.    

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