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25 Things Every Elk Hunter Should Know (Feature Article)

Ah, pardon me for asking, but at the begenning of the article it said that there was no moon. Then later in the article it talked about riding up the same mountain a few hours later to field dress the elk by moonlight. Was this story true?

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25 Things Every Elk Hunter Should Know (Feature Article)

More than likely moon rose later that night. I'll PM you with Gary Hubbell's email address and you are welcome to ask him! Big smile

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25 Things Every Elk Hunter Should Know (Feature Article)
Robert wrote:
>>Robert, where do you hunt elk? maybe they're just a lot smaller? :

See my comments above, please. I'm not basing my observations on personal weighing, but rather on what I'm told by people who handle more elk in a week than most hunters do in a lifetime. They were both in Colorado.

I always thought they were much bigger, too. The hour I spent at a processors one day just gawking and asking questions were very instructive to me as a hunter, both from a technique and a strategy standpoint. I strongly suggest everyone take a couple of hours off and stop at an elk processing plant in high elk season.

You must have killed a calf, I can tell you right now a good size elk has waaaaaaaaaay more lbs of meat than what you just mentioned. See that 5x5 I shot this year in the elk forums? That is decent, not huge but decent, I qrtered it up, brought hams to Eastern Oregon Mobile slaughter to get grinded up and it weighed 180lbs just for the hams, deboned probably 130-140lbs of meat. Trust me, I've killed a few bulls and elk in general, probably packed more than most guides as a Native American with good hunting rights. Robert, I think your getting ripped off by your butcher or something.

Just noticed Jeffalaska came in with a table, good information.

Binocs/scopes, you dont need to spend $3000. You can buy a good pair of binocs for $60 and scope no more than $100 would be just fine.

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