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25-06 and Elk?

I am interested in the topic of using a 25-06 to take Elk. Through my research I have found very mixed opinions on the matter. I would just like to hear some imput from everyone and reasoning behind your opinion. Thanks a bunch!

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It wouldn't be my first

It wouldn't be my first choice but it can be made, like the .243, to work with good shot placement and the willingness to pass on any questionable shots.

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Would not be my choice

Would not be my choice either. Problem I have is bullet selection. Heaviest bullet easily avaliable is 120grs. I think the 270 pretty much set's the standard for a min elk cartridge. The 130gr bullet has killed a lot ok elk but I think the 150gr is better. A heavier bullet should penetrate better and hold together on large mussel and bone. That said, the smallest cal I would choose is a 6.5. I have shot two with my 6.5x06 and would certainly use my 6.5x55, both with a min 140gr bullet.

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I used my 25-06 this past

I used my 25-06 this past season with success.  I shot a cow elk at 300 yds and she dropped within 10 yds of where I shot here.  We quartered her out and the four quarters I had processed weighed in at 300 pnds.  We estimated her live weight to be about 800 pnds.  One important point - I hand load, and used 115 gr Barnes TSX going 3000 fps.  I don't know if factory loads can match this.  Also, my shot went through the front left shoulder, did not hit bone, and penetrated both lungs and heart.  I now have a 8mm that I plan on using this coming season if I can go (just had back surgery and still recovering).  Like the others said, it wouldn't be my first choice - at the time of the hunt, I didn't have a heavier caliber to use.  However, I do believe it is very capable with the right bullet and shot placement.

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