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243 - White Tail Cartridge

I am pulling out my old 243 Rem Semi-Auto I used for many years as a youngster with outstanding success. Many downed deer with several 6-8 pointers dropped dead in their tracks. Lost only one due to a piss poor shot in the grazed the belly.

I have hunted for 10 or so years with 30-06 using grand slam bullets that were hand loaded for me.

I want to use my 243 again for several reasons, posterity the biggest. I will need to buy factory as my father does not reload the 243.

Recomendation for factory rounds? I will not shoot anything less than 100gr. I hunt northern WI, old growht, brush, swamp, etc. Seldom a shot beyond 40 yards. Some long distance swamp shots possible but have never needed to in my 25 years of hunting the same area.

Cartridges, manufacturer and cartridge series?

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243 - White Tail Cartridge

If you will only shoot 100 grainers or heavier, that leaves you with 100 grainers I believe:

Federal Sierra GameKing 100gr. BTSP

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243 - White Tail Cartridge

Welcome to BGH. I'm not a fan of the 243 but have shot a few deer with one with no problems. Many people like some of the lighter bullets and the 90gr partition would seem to be a good one. Seeing as you have someone to reload for you, I'd invest in a set of reloading dies. The heaviest bullet avaliable that I'm sure of is the 105gr, but not in loaded ammo. I think "Wildcat" probally makes a heavier bullet also.

Yep, I'd go for a set of dies.

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243 - White Tail Cartridge

In regards to the .243, you should do just fine. I have used the .243 in the northwoods of WI near Rice Lake and shot a nice 8 point at 40 yards with 1 shot. I used 100 grain Winchester soft point and had a great exit wound channel. Nice price on the Winchester rounds also. Usually 13-14 bucks a box of 20. Just fine for close shots. Unless you really shoot a lot of 243 reloading may not be your best financial choice.

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243 - White Tail Cartridge

Great to hear from a fellow Wisconsin whitetail hunter! Your .243 will do a nice job on even the biggest Wisconsin whitetail. My two recommended 100 gr. factory ammo would be either the Federal Nosler Partition or the Remington Ultra Core-Lokt. My Savage bolt .243 prefers Remington. I would suggest you buy a box of each and see which one your rifle prefers. Best wishes on a successful hunt!

"Go Badgers"

PS When you shoot your monster buck send one my way!

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