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i"ve heard that the 58 gr

i"ve heard that the 58 gr will break apart before hitting the target if you load them at 4000 fps mark.

the nice thing about shooting the heavier bullets, is better performance down range, but they are way more expensive.

at least the varmint grenades are cheap.

i'm not convinced you'l get the performance you'll want out of this gun past 300 or so yards. i've shot quite a few prarie dogs with mine and mine loses too much velocity to keep the bullet stable past 300. it definately starts to destabilize right around that point, then 400 is pretty much a 1 foot group at best from a bench vise.

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Considering your only looking

Considering your only looking for 3500-3600 fps, Nosler claims a top load with the 70gr bullet at 3600 fps. Hornany is a bit more consertive at 3500 fps for their 70gr bullet. I have never used either bullet but at the velocities you want, the heavier bullet's will fly a bit better. I am shooting the 75gr V-Max at a bit over 3300fps timed. I did try the 70gr Nosler in my 243 but couldn't get it to shoot well. I'm sure others have had good luck with it.

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I can't find the FPS this

I can't find the FPS this load will give you , but if you have IMR 4350 the min. load is 44.9 grains up to a max of 50.0 grains.  IMR 4064 with a min load of 39.6 grains will get you around 3388 FPS and the max of 44.0 grains will take it up to around 3780 FPS.

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I did some more research on

I did some more research on the velocity - the person who stated 4000 f.p.s. is either shooting a WSM or is loading pretty hot.  Hornady and Sierra list this weighted bullet as having a top velocity of around 3700 f.p.s.  Also, I did read about the bullet exploding in mid air if it reaches a certain velocity.  So, I will continue to keep it around 3500 - 3600 f.p.s. and watch for mid air disintegration.  Thanks topgun for the IMR info, that will help.  I'm going to try both IMR 4350 and Varget.

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