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The 243 is plenty of gun for

The 243 is plenty of gun for deer. It's all about shot placement A good friend of mine as a 243 and swears by it. I think maybe you should try a different bullet. I had the same issue with my 25.06 with core lokts. They never left a good blood trail. Good luck out there

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Man a 243 is perfecty fine

Man a 243 is perfecty fine for deer. Now with your deer. First your scope may a have been bumped it throws the accuracy off, also the Remington 770 isn't the greatest gun it has been know to have bad accuracy. The bullet, if she did hit the deer than a soft point 80 grain bullet would take it down. Did you use FMJ bullets, Was the bullet to small of a grain. Many things can alter wether you get the deer or not. I would suggest sighting it in the day before you go hunting so you make sure you have zero. Also get a bigger bullet that has good expansion. This is all you need to take a deer down.

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i might have gotten lucky

i might have gotten lucky with her 770 because i can easily shoot 1 in groups with it and multiple times have had the holes touching. the 770 wasn't my first choice for her i wanted to get her a savage but the remington fit her best. we had her sighted in 2 day before the season opened and it was still shooting great today so it must have been her. we had her shooting 100 grain power points but switched to 100 grain power max bonded today to my surprise i didn't have to resight it in when switching bullets.with my 06 i have to resight it with every new lot number

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I have a 243, it's my second.

I have a 243, it's my second. I an not a fan of it for hunting other than preditors. That said, I have also killed several deer with one. It will do the job. The 100 gr bullet should work well well past 100yds. A 100gr bullet with a mv of 3000fps or a bit less or more in going to penetrate well. Keep in mind that the 100gr 243 bullet is heavy for calibre and is designed as a hunting bullet. It's a stronger bullet than the lighter bullet's. Nothing wrong with the cartridge used or the bullet selected. Taking her back to the range you fould she can shoot at paper target's very well, rules out a loose scope. So all that is left is "buck fever".

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  I had the same concern as


I had the same concern as my "newby" hunting partner this year was using a .243 for her deer AND for her elk hunt with me.  After discussing the caliber with many so called experts we were at 50% for using it and 50% for not.  We did some research on the bullet grains and ballistics.  We ended up staying with the .243 with the Winchester regular 100 grain bullet but also knowing what the limitations were.  My hunting partner dropped her mule deer doe with one shot at 75 yards and drropped her bull elk with one shot at 40 yards.  Both animals only moved another 20 yards or less before expiring.  So yes, your daughter is perfectly capable at dropping a Michigan whitetail using it - just keep the distances shorter versus that 200+ yard shot.  Your daughter will get her first deer and you will be a very proud father!  Oh - and welcome to the web site!  See how many people want to give you their opinion!?!?  Oh - and a pat on the back for getting your daughter intoduced into hunting.  Let her know that missing a deer is part of hunting and she will get another chance soon so just be ready!


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the .243 is perfect for

the .243 is perfect for deer.  I have been hunting and killing mule deer and whitetail with a 243 for over 15 yrs with great results.  They have dropped in their tracks from as close as 10 yards and as far out as 300 yards.  I have never lost a deer to that gun.  Most times I have complete pas throughs even on the long shots.  My grandfathater has used his 243 for 40 years and has killed countless deer and at leat a dozen elk with it.

Long story short the gun is not the problem.  My guess is that the shot was marginal, no matter what caliber gun you use a poorly hit deer will get away.

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well after today i am

well after today i am retiring the .243 for deer hunting. since it was the last day of the season i was able to talk my boss into leting the wife go out with me for the day.she got an 80 yard broadside shot deer dropped right there long enough for her to call me to go gut it then it jumped up running. not a drop of blood where it went down the first time. after waiting a half hour we started checking the tree line for blood ended up kicking the deer up still no blood where it was laying about 50 yards later we find 1/4 drops of brite red blood about 200 yards later we were down to pinhead sized drops untill we lost the trail completely. yes the wife screwed up by not putting a second shot in it as soon as it got back up but she says she didn't have time once she realized what was happening. i think were gonna pick up a 770 in either .270 or 06 and switch the youth stock over to it for next year. maybe i'm just spoiled but i have shot a deer before not seeing another deer behind her and ended up hitting the 2nd one in the butt and still killed it within 50-75 yards.

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that sucks man

Ouch. That's a tough one. I know its no condolences but I hope you have better luck next year with your new weapon, you're long overdue for a break, my friend.

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overall i shot 9 does this

overall i shot 9 does this season never did see a single buck but i would of traded any of them to see my daughter or wife get there first deer. we still have a late doe season in dec 19th-jan 1st so i'll be taking the daughter back out then. this time she'll be shooting my 06 which she shoots great on paper so hopfully all goes well. i think overall the best part of this season was that i shot a doe while my 10 year old son was out with us so i pointed him in the direction of the blood trail and let him track her the excitment on his face was priceless when he came up on the deer. i don't mean to bash the .243 but it just didn't live up to my expectations. i'm sure they got excited when taking the shots and didn't hit perfectly but i always tell then if you can hit within a 4in circle it will kill the deer. at the range she was within 1.5 inches so i thought we were good to go.oh well now i have an excuse to pick up another gun this year.

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Well, maybe no bucks, but

Well, maybe no bucks, but sounds like you have lots of good venison!  Congrats on a good fall, and good luck with your daughter this month.

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