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243 case truble

Haveing truble with the neck size on my 243 cases. Ran them trough the die like normal but this time the bullet is setting way to loose? Any thoughts on this?

Thanks !

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243 case truble

Has this happened befor with this die? If so, check the size of the expander ball. If it is to large the manufaqcturer will probably send a new one free. My FL die is RCBS and right at the top of the expander it measures .241".

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Re: 243 case truble

Are the bullets seated to their normal depth? If so, then I think Don is right, expander ball problem. Otherwise, perhaps your die isn't screwed all the way in?

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Re: 243 case truble

Guess I can see where the ball might get smaller as a result of wear, but how would it get bigger? I get the impression it worked previously. "Ran them trough the die like normal"
If the ball were crushed, it would be out of round but still should not create a loose bullet situation.
If the depriming pin / expander ball rod were bent, being pushed through and removed at an angle, I could see where it might cause the described problem. A micromete would show an oblong neck. Though in my experience, if the die is dropped or the depriming pin runs into something solid, it snaps off the depriming pin rather than bending the rod.

Interesting situation

If its a new box of bullets, you might check the bullet diameters to make sure the bullets are the correct diameter. If they are not, manufacturing flaw or possible miss label of the box?

Maybe something stuck to the ball?
Too much lube? But most don't use lube when neck sizing.
Dirty brass? Shoving the expander through a fouled neck?

Just kinda thinking outloud.

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