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A .243 with 55gr bullet for Coyotes?

Am just wondering what the consensus is on this. I am just starting out with calling coyotes and do not want to buy a 22-250 or that type until I know that I like it. Do you think this will leave too big a hole in the pelt?

Thanks, Joe

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A .243 with 55gr bullet for Coyotes?

Good bet it will tear them up, especially if it hits heavy meat, shoulder, or hits bone. My son is shooting tho'es things because he likes something smokin'!

I'm using 75gr Hornady v-max's and haven't recover one yet.. Actually only shot one, I don't call very well. Anyway it was about 200yds off and looked like it got hit by Thors hammer! Was with a rancher friend and it was in around some cows and we didn't feel like going out. Hearing lots of good things about the 70 gr Nosler Bal Tip but haven't been able to make them shoot in my rifle.

My idea with the light bullets was that they would blow up inside and not ruin a pelt but from what I hear, I'd have been better off with 100gr bullet's. Seem's the real light weight's "splash" on shoulders and bones. I think that means make an awful mess. I did shoot a crow with the 75gr V-Max. Hit it in the back and,,,,,well it was not pertty. Feathers and crow everywhere. About 150yds.

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A .243 with 55gr bullet for Coyotes?

i shoot a 22 250 and 9 times out of 10 it tears the fur up quite badly. i dont hunt them for the fur so its no big deal to me. i shoot winchester super x 55gr. pointed soft point Thumbs up

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