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223 rem VS mule deer


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personally i would rather

personally i would rather shoot a 223 for whitetail and mule deer because the have plenty of knock down power but they dont destroy the deer if you get a nice clean shot

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Absolutely unacceptable.

Where as I am very happy for your daughter and the harvest of her first deer, I have to wonder about what it is exactly that you as a "hunter" are teaching her. First to not even know what is and is not legal in your state is complete ignorance on your part. Secondly, not that a .223 couldnt harvest an animal of that size, but why would you want to. Why not have her shoot a .243, from the picture you posted your daughter does not appear to be a frail child. She is definately bigger than my 12 year old nephhew whom took his first buck this year with a .243. By shooting that animal with a FMJ, you are taking the very grave risk of her not placing a good shot initially,(which apparently is what happened), and injuring the animal. Luckily for that animal a second shot was afforded to your daughter, and it was harvested. Being a hunter takes more than just putting a bullet in a gun and aim and shoot. It takes dedication to the hunt. Respect, respect for your wepon, and respect for the game you are seeking to harvest. The nation we live in affords us the privelage to be able to hunt, and we as sportsman must take the time to do it ethically, and with the utmost respect for the laws that govern that privelage. Its hunters like you, that fail to read their states laws and regulations, or even worse have read them and just simply fail to abide by them that gives hunters a bad name. In todays world there are to many far left liberals that would like to see these rights taken away from us, and it is these actions that give them the ammunition to do so.

Ok so I will get off my soapbox, but please, do yourself, your daughter, and fellow sportsman a favor and know your laws and regulations and hunt ethically.



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Hunter G lives in Utah and

Hunter G lives in Utah and the .223 is a legal round there for deer.  However the fmj round is not a leagle bullet. 

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I wholeheartedly agree with

I wholeheartedly agree with BaldBeaver's post and would add this to the thread.  Putting up posts like that on the net and leaving them up when something was done illegally is asking for a visit from the Game Warden!  Ted Nugent was busted in California and it was after F&G officials saw his TV show and saw what looked like illegal acts during the filming of an episode out there.  Other game law violators are being nailed after they put up stuff on the net showing or telling of illegal acts.  I hope you aren't the next one we read about because the antis are also reading these BBs and looking for stuff to nail us on!!!  We must police our own if we are to keep what we all consider our sacred and cherished rights to bear arms and hunt!!!

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The FMJ part of this thread has been hammered to death, but I wanted to add something about the .223.

I used a .225 (and no I dont mean a .22-250) for a couple years when I was younger for Mule deer, and as long as you kept your shots under 250yards you were ok. Bullet placement > Bullet weight. I never had a deer run after it was shot. I would never use that cartridge on an Elk, but for Mule deer its more than adequate.

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The FMJ Did What?

OK, so Hunter G's story is a great story on many things NOT to do whether the hunter is a novice or seasoned hunter.  Poor choice of caliber, initial shot at extreme range for the caliber used, long range for a first shot at game, extremely poor bullet placement for a caliber touted as being easy to hit accurately with, little or no knowledge of local regulations or worse a complete lack of care for the regs, using a type of bullet chosen no doubt because of cost rather than ethical use for big game (case of third world fmj's versus a box of quality cartridges using premium bullets).  I'm thinking Dad needs a refreasher course of hunter ed at the very least.

The part of the story where the fmj splits in two has got me scratching my head.  I suppose it's possible but I've never heard of it happening.  If it was a common occurance, I would have thought they would have been banned for use in military weapons as being inhumane, the very reason why they replaced soft point bullets in the first place.

The opening story is kind of old but I'm really hoping that by now Dad a sprung for a new rifle for his daughter, a .243 or maybe a .257.  Maybe also a .22 for some serious range time.