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My gripe with the 223 or any

My gripe with the 223 or any of it's close relatives (22-250, etc) is that people simply don't understand the physics of the cartridge and how fast speed bleeds off of light bullets and I think that is why I have put so many antelope down with 223 bullets in their guts. People look at muzzle velocity and think they can shoot running antelope without a good lead without understanding how drastically a light bullet loses velocity. Personally I don't know why people are shooting running antelope anyway (never had to resort to the practice myself) but this has been my experience anyway. By the way, I have never put down a gut shot antelope with anything other than a .223 bullet in it's back section. 

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As other's have stated... It

As other's have stated... It could work, but I'm not going to be the one doing the shooting

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I hunt deer with a Remington

I hunt deer with a Remington 222. Have never had an issue placing a shot, but I tend to go for the head, one shot drops them. The furthest I've shot was this years buck at approximatley 150 yards..one shot and he was down. Keep in mind our island deer are smaller than mainland deer. This years buck was one of the largest..weighing in at just under 200lbs on the hoof.

Would I consider hunting moose with this rifle? Hell no..I have a 303 British I use for that..but as an island bush rifle the 222 is a great and more than capable of doing the job.