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220 swift for varmit hunting

I have a custom FN Mauser my father left me,  He had the rifle built in the 1960's. Is this a good cal for coyotes and what other varmit can it be used on. also how hard is it to get ammo   in 220 swift cal , Factory made. I have 50 to 60 shells he loaded from 20 yrs or better, Rifle is in almost new condition. I have a 4x18 or 24 nikon on it.

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The 220 Swift is a fine

The 220 Swift is a fine cartridge for varmits such as coyotes, parrie dogs, ground hogs, or any other varmit that you want to take care of.  Also where it is legal it can with the heaver bullets be used for deer.  

If you don't hand load there are quite a few loading available through catalogs such as Midway.  It may take a few boxes to figure out what your rifle likes but at least you can shoot it if you want.   When the Swift first came out it was known as a barrel burner since it was loaded to high velocities and if you didn't let the barrel cool off between shots it would soon loose accuracy. 

I have a Ruger #1 varmet in 22-250 and it is a fine shooter out to 400 yards and your 220 Swift should be able to do the same with the proper load.    

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I have a .220 Swift as well

I have a .220 Swift as well in a Remington 700 classic. It's one of my favorite rifles just because it's different and shoots very well. There are many diferent factory load for it but hte problem is they are generally much more expensive than say 22-250. Fortunately mine likes the cheapest Winchester 50gr soft points a lot and I bought a buch severak years ago at just under 20 a box. 

When I was realoading mine loved 50gr ballistic tip moving atg around 4,000 fps. Don't remember the powder I used though. I like to carry mine for coyotes and such but if I shoot too much the accuracy drops off fast when the barrell heats up as it's pretty light. It would never make a prarie dog gun.

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