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22 short ammo value?

I haven't seen 22 shorts for sale in a long time.  I was looking for something else and found a brick of 500 of them buried under other ammo.  Anybody have an idea of what they are worth these days?

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Not sure what they are worth,

Not sure what they are worth, but I do know there was a shortage of many types of .22 ammo for quite awhile. It was maybe a year ago, not sure exactly why, but they definately were hard to come by.

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I've never used any shorts

I've never used any shorts myself as I have plenty of lr stacked up and don't have any guns the will only shoot shorts. I did a quick search at Midwayusa and they show the cheap Aguila brand at 21.00 for 500 but if you want to shoot Remington or CCI it's going to cost you more like 40.00, plus shipping of course.

I'd probably only grab them if it was a super deal or you really needed shorts only.

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