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.22 Magnum for Coyote ?

I was wondering if the .22 Magnum was good enough for coyote. I have found the CCI Game Point JSP's that have 170 ft.lbs at 100 yards with a 40 grain bullet. With the accuracy could it be possible to hunt coyotes at 50 yards ? At 50 yards it Has around 235 ft.lbs which is enough for coyote, but could it be done by a average shooter ? That is about 1 in at 50 yards.

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Should have no problem killing coyotes if you limit your range to 100 yds with good shot placement with the 22 mag from a rifle.

Have fun post pics!

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Shouldn't have any trouble

Shouldn't have any trouble and, if you sell the pelts, pelt damage won't be bad at all. I';ve used a 22 mag on problem dogs here at home. They start running stock or trying to break into bird pens, I shoot them. 22 mag works very nicely!

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