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22-250 or 223

I like the 25.06 for prairie dogs personally. But, I don't shoot high volume anymore. But, it certainly isn't a pelt hunter's option.

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22-250 or 223
redrider wrote:
After contemplating it for a couple years I decided to add a varmint gun to the weaponry. I bought a Rem. 799 in 223 added a Cabelas Pine Ridge scope 6x18x44 and a Harris bipod. Nothing real fancy, but something to go play with coyotes with.

That is a good looking rifle! Thumbs up

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22-250 or 223

Looks like a good cut of wood! Thumbs up

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22-250 or 223

I have .223 and have scored some targets at over 350 yards. I usually shoot 55gr HP or soft points for coyote

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22-250 or 223

I started with my 243 but this year decided to specialize for my yote and bobcat hunting with the 22-250 in a Savage Predator which I put my Nikon Buckmaster 4.5 x 14 on. After doing my research on the two calibers I am happy to have gone with the 22-250.

Here it is and I must say it's accurate and I love it. Can't wait to wack some yotes with it this year.

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