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Can someone tell me if a 22-250 will burn out the barrell quicker than a 223 and if so how much would you have to be shooting the 22-250 for this to happen

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Any high intensity cartridge being consetntly pushed at max pressure and in turn velocity will wear the barrel out faster. I have read where some guy's haave worn out barrel's on 223's in less than 1000 rds.

The biggest question here is what is a worn out barrel? Does that mean that it no longer shoot's bug holes, 3/4" is the best it can do?

I have a 30-06 that's 63 yrs old that had a lot of corrosive primers fired in it years ago. A gun smith looked at the barrel with a bore scope and it's badly pitted. I'm going to have it re-bored next year. It still will shoot my favorite load into group's right at 1". Worn out? Yep,,,,nope,,,,,,,,,,??????

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Given the same barrel composition and the same bullet, and the same cleaning practices, the 22-250 will wear/burn out a barrel quicker than the 223. Any caliber than burns hotter with more powder to burn will have a negative effect on your barrel. The 22-250 will need to be cooled a bit longer during range sessions to maximize the life of the barrel. Don't make that your deciding factor of which caliber to pick. The 22-250 is an excellent cartridge. I have a 220 swift (a lot like the 22-250) that I have run thousands of rounds through and it still shoots excellent.

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i'd say a good ball park figure is your safe to about 1000 rounds or so with a 22 -250 but that also depends on the shooter as everyone shoots and treats a rifle differently. i've got about 800 rounds threw my 250 now and the accuracy is still there so its hard to say. there all different.

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Re: 22-250
codfish wrote:
Can someone tell me if a 22-250 will burn out the barrell quicker than a 223 and if so how much would you have to be shooting the 22-250 for this to happen


I've got one I made up about 3 years back; got a Douglas #5 contour barrel with 1-7" ROT that I shoot only 80 gr. Sierra BTHP through and after 1500 rounds it'll still deliver 1/2 MOA at 200 yds. If you reload.....think about using N160 powder as the burn temp of N160 is lower than a lot of the other powders and it will still deliver slightly over 3000 fps with the above bullet used! I went to Wyoming back in October 'lope' hunting and while there......this rifle 'eliminated' about 100 'dirt dogs' during two lunch breaks! Throat erosion has been very limited using the above load! Thumbs up

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High velocity, high pressure rifle rounds will burn out any barrel faster than lower pressure/velocity will. Regardless of caliber, but especially those high pressure ones, keep your barrel cool to the touch. The biggest culprit in barrel wear is HEAT. Excessive heat will burn out and wear out the rifling of any barrel faster regardless of caliber. You could do this with a combination of things. A few trick are - Allowing at least a 3 minutes cool down period between each shot. The other is if you reload, use a slower burning powder. But really the main thing is to not let your barrel get so hot that you can't keep a bare finger on it without burning your skin. If you can't touch the barrel after a three to five shot group, then you are heating it up to quick.

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It all depends on how you treat your gun at the range. If you fire more than 10 rounds in succession without giving the gun a chance to cool then, yeah the barrel will wear down quicker. But, if you take beaks in between shot groups, you shouldn't have the problem of the barrel getting too hot. Like everyone esle has said, it also depends on the type of round you are firing. Yes

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