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204 Ruger

Fell into a 204 Ruger MXII Sporter w/ a 5.5x15 Bushnell ledgen scope for 100 bones. Anyone been tinkering with a 204 at all? Planning on shooting some dog in New Mexico with it this year. The high velocity and small bore worry me about barrel life. Thought and opinion wecolmed.

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204 Ruger

Got no opinions on it but damn that was a great deal!! Thumbs up

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204 Ruger

MXII? Hmmm... maybe a m77 mkII? Guess for $100 it doesn't matter! Thumbs up

Anyway 204 is a fun cartridge. You can get a 223 rem close to the 32gr 204 load, shooting 35 or 40 grain bullets, although the 204 has a little better B.C and is faster.

The cartridge is pretty new and I haven't heard any complaints about barrel life yet. Berger has some bullets out for 204, Barnes released some varmint grenades in 204 as well. Hornady has the V-max bullet as well. If you reload there is a fair selection of bullets available. Nosler has a 32 and 40 grain bullet as well.

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