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2014 Plan: Your GPS coordinates = my first elk

My second son turns 12 in June, so this fall there will be 3 of us in the field. Pretty excited about that. Thankfully, youth licenses are so cheap. Our draw plan is:

Antelope: I tracked down an old high school teammate who has a large ranch in 121. He's gonna let us out there. So my sons are going to draw doe tags and I will burn my one point to get a buck tag. This is my/our first antelope outing so any tips/ unit 121 experience is appreciated.

Deer: Unit 28 3rd season. We should all draw a buck tag and try to pick up leftover doe tags. We've got a good spot that we'll be hunting for our 3rd year. Hoping both boys can close the deal on their first big game animal.

Elk: Unit 28 3rd season as well. OK, this is embarrassing......I've seen one (that's ONE, singular) elk in the last 3 years. So I am going to skip the "I don't want the coordinates to your honey hole..." baloney. I flat out want the exact GPS coordinates to any know elk location in Unit 28! I know it's not a good elk unit at all, but for a variety of reasons, it's where we can go. So I'm going to just keep trying to figure the unit out.

What's everyone else going for?

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2014 Plans


Sounds like you guys are set to have a great seaon and wish the best, especially for the boys, that all of your have a wonderful and successful season.

Also I wish I had some coordinates to give you for elk in unit 28, but I have never been to the unit. It looks like some high rugged country on my topo maps.

ELK: I will be hunting OTC archery with my father and daughter this year. I had enough PP's to draw my unit 40 1st rifle tag, but dad asked if I would elk hunt with him and he is getting up there in age (65 and not the best of health). My boys will be hunting a different OTC unit unless they switch up and come up with us.

BEAR: I will also be hunting the September rifle tag in the same OTC archery unit for a big ugly bear with my dad.

MULEDEER: I will be hunting with my father on this hunt 2nd season also as we have been hunting together and saving points at the same time the last several years. My daughter will draw the same unit for 3rd season and both dad and I will be helping her on this hunt. My boys will draw for 3rd season also in the nieghboring unit and hunting right across the border from us.

It should be another great year of hunting and I wish everyone here on BGH the best.


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Fun with dad

Thanks Quinton

I hope my sarcastic frustration about elk in unit 28 wasn't over the top. We've really had a great time each year up there, and will keep learning.

That's great you get to go with you dad this fall. My dad's the same age, but lives in Alberta. He's got it pretty good. Living on a quarter section overlooking a river w/all kinds of alfalfa around. It's loaded w/mulies and whitetails and quite a few moose. He killed a 10pt white tail that must have weighed 300lbs on the hoof this past November. Maybe I can post a pic of it if I can figure out how.

Happy hunting!

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I can help you out

28 is tricky unit that can take a while to learn. Send me a pm and I can help you out.

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