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2014 Colorado Deer Forecast

After submitting my Colorado limited license deer application, I'm beginning to get excited for this next year's hunting season! What do you all think is the population / trophy forecast for this fall?  I personally hunt in the Gunnison and Crested Butte areas, and the snowfall seems to be good this year, but not too high.  I hope that means high survival rates for the winter, but what do you all think is the outlook for Colorado? 

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Everything will be up in the

Everything will be up in the air until the reports come out for the populations estimates.  I didn't hear anything about feeding deer this year so that may be a good sign or it may be a bad one depending on the size of the herds. 

As for trophy potental that is going to depend on the feed and browse that grows this summer.  It is it a hot dry summer and there isn't that much nutrients then the antler growth will be smaller than in a better year.  Their will always be trophy bucks no matter what they eat but they need good nutrition to put on the mass that people like. 

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Not sure I can agree that the

Not sure I can agree that the snowpack isn't too high. Records were almost broken all over the state. I know my unit is 115%, and it's just over the hill from Gunnison.

Hell, it's snowing right now.

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Above average snow pack. The

Above average snow pack. The Deer look good around your area. I know I did not see any in bad shape around the 20th or so of Jan. Seen good numbers in and around Private ground and the Bucks dropped their antlers in March and then started moving up. Of course they are limited to how far they can go because of the snow up higher. Highway probably killed more deer then the weather did. Slow and steady temps should keep the snow up high. We don't want a heat wave. Let that moisture slowly soak in and some nice high country showers this Summer should be a good fall. Are you hunting with every 2-3 years when you draw depending on the season? I guess if you are a non res it is most likely longer wait.