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2013 Unit 61 Muzzleloader Results

Well I have to say there are tons of elk in unit 61. I only saw 1 monster on the first morning during a huge rain storm. He had a lot of cows and we just couldn't get close enough. I passed on 17 other bulls that were all 6X6 or 5X6 and were all within archery range. Most were within 20 yards and didn't mind hanging around for some great video that one of my buddies recorded. After 3 1/2 days and seeing probably 100 bulls, this bull was the biggest I had seen other than the one on the first morning. This one looked really good coming through the aspen trees and I couldn't force myself to pass on another one. He is not the "MACK DADDY" but I am tickled to have him. He is by far the best bull I have ever killed and worth all the years it took to draw the tag. Truly the greatest hunting trip I have ever experienced. Good friends came along, plenty of bulls and non-stop bugling. I wish it didn't take me another 15 years to draw another tag.

Thank you Quinton (elkkill06), for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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Great bull. Congrats

Great bull. Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on the nice bull on

Congrats on the nice bull on a DIY hunt.

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Great story. Sounds so exciting. Awesome bull!

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Congrats on a great bull ! I am glad to see all your hard work payed off. Thumbs up


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very cool, congrats on a

very cool, congrats on a great bull!

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great bull..congrats!

great bull..congrats!

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That's a great bull... good to hear there are plenty of them up there. With a couple more years of saving up points I should be in there with my bow.

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Man, that's an awesome bull! 

Man, that's an awesome bull!  If I ever do get one, I want it to have the dark antlers like that. Really nice! Congrats!

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Goes to show

Goes to show that hard work and determination payoff!

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Great bull! and congrats. I hate to have to wait so long for the points but if I ever get that many I'll have to look into 61.

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