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That is an impressive story!

That is an impressive story! The terrain and conditions sound like they made for quite the difficult hunt. All the excitement should have helped make up for it. Thanks for sharing.

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love the story

and I remember the rain quite well.

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the rain

I took three pairs of boots with me.  My goto Waterproof hunting boots that i have had for three years or so. A pair of boots i normally wear to cut wood and an old pair of boots that i dont wear much anymore.  So the Waterproof doesn't make much difference when you fill them up from the inside with the stream running down your legs. About the second day, the seam on one side gave out and one boot totally blew out. I swithed to the older pair.  The work good but are still soaked at the end of the day. Next day i switch to the wood cutting boots to let the old pair dry.  For some reason, they tore the heck out of my feet and blistered me up. Never had bothered me before and have been good boots. So.... now i'm down to the old pair.  Soaked every day, prop them by the fire at night and stuff newspaper in them.  I wont say they were ever Dry but i can get by with slightly damp.I'm used to hunting in weather and rain but that was quite a week of downpours.

Not too long after i got back i hit Cabelas for some new boots.  Dry feet are a must!   

If i could figure out a way to resize my photos, i would post a picture or two

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A easy way to resize photos

A easy way to resize photos is to just email them to yourself.  Most email programs will resize them automatictly.

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Sounds like fun. Just seeing

Sounds like fun. Just seeing that many elk on public land is sucess. You will never beat the memories.


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