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2012 season wrap-up

Well I wrapped up my 2012 season last Sunday. My dad and I went and visited our relatives in Eastern Colorado and knocked down 4 whitetail does in about two hours so we will have plenty of whitetail to share with our friends this year.

My wife drew a RFW tag for deer and we had a great experience on the ranch. We could not come up with one negative thing to say about their operation. We hoped to see some 160-170 bucks on the ranch but it was dry and 65 degrees. My wife just wanted to shoot a 4 point and she didn’t really care how big it was just as long as it was a mature deer. She shot her buck at 100 yds. on the second day and collected her first big game animal; a pretty respectable 3 ½ yr. old 4 point that she is pretty proud of.

I hunted deer in 3rd season and on the last day, in miserable conditions, I connected on this nice buck. All of the bigger bucks that I had scouted were in the timber transitioning to the sage. It is almost impossible to hunt them in that timber so I felt fortunate finding this one on the last afternoon.

I hunted elk with my friend up on the flattops second season and he got a cow, missed a 5 point and I got a 3 point Tuesday afternoon. In total we saw 6 bulls and about 25 cows. They were all in the heavy timber right at timberline.
All in all it was a great season that provided us with plenty of meat for the next year. One of these days I might stop shooting raghorns but it will probably have to wait until I can talk my friend into hunting an area off of the flat tops. ( even though we have managed to find an area that we have relatively to ourselves. We only saw 2 other hunters in 7 days) It seems like if you pass on a raghorn up there then the you are wasting an opportunity because chances are that the next bull you see won’t be any bigger. I have enjoyed everyone’s comments and pics this year but I have been really busy and haven’t been able to comment myself. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming draw.

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Any elk is a good elk in my

Any elk is a good elk in my opinion. Nice work this season! When does your general season for hunting in Colordo end?


-Zach @ www.montanahunting.org

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Congrats, it sounds like you

Congrats, it sounds like you had a good season to me.


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Awesome season.

Awesome season. Congratulations!
Hoping for an elk first myself this year.

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Some really nice critters

Some really nice critters there!  Great Year, congrats!

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Good job.

100% on deer and elk for the year is always an awesome accomplishment. Yes

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Congrats on a great season ! Thumbs up