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2012 Osceola time coming fast

The 2012 season is coming fast. Its been so warm here in Central Florida and the Toms are already strutting and gobbling. Got a pile of trail cam pics of strutter with hens. Crazy warm weather has them a bit confused I think. We got so many birds this season, its gonna be a great spring. I have to say, Im ready for it to get here for the great fishing and bow fishing as well. I love this place.

Hope everyones spring season is a banner one!



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Good luck to you!  Ours

Good luck to you!  Ours starts pretty early out here too, compared to most of the contry.  Just over a month or so till we can get at them.  Not the Oceolas of course, which are gorgeous birds, but turkeys none the less.... Wink

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Our weather up here in

Our weather up here in Michigan has been so mild this year that I'm really wondering what our seasons that don't start until the third week of April will be like this year.  I really need to start working on a place to go down in Florida in the next year or two to take an Osecola and finish my Slam.

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