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2012 Hunt

Considering open land 2nd season elk hunt in Colorado Unit 13, any advice?::whistling:


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unit 13

What - where do you plan on hunting ?, from what i can see most of unit 13 is private property ?.


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Yeah, too many units and such swiriling around in my head, should have said unit 4 or possibly 441 or 214.  Looking at the Routt Nat'l Forest.  Just trying to figure it out using the DOW and other websites.  Looks like the Craig area is a great elk area, just got to figure out where to hunt.

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The Elkhead mountains NE of

The Elkhead mountains NE of Craig (units 4, 441, 214) have lots of elk.  But for 2nd rifle, they also have LOTS of hunters.  I would definitely recommend looking at areas where you can get at least a mile from roads and access points--this will thin the herd of orange considerably.

I'd suggest 3 areas for you to check out.  The area south of Bear's Ears has good consistent elk, but it's a hike to get into and out of this area.  North of Steamboat lake and Pearl lake is also OK, but you'll see more hunters here.  The Western edge of the national forest around Freeman Reservoir is also good for elk numbers usually, but again the number of hunters is high too.  I guess the "take home" message is...there's lots of hunters in all of these areas.  If you're looking for some solitude, either change the area you're considering or maybe try a 1st rifle, muzzleloader or archery season.

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What about Unit 12

Is the National Forest NE of Meeker in Unit 12 any better?

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yes and no

More wilderness, but even more hunters east of Meeker.  Those are among the most popular units in the state that you are looking at.  Good success rates though