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Unit 62


As I have told CaVermonster, unit 62 can be a very tough unit due to tons of pressure. Unless you have somebody to hunt with that has hunted the unit or someone will give up there hot spots your chance for success is very low. It is an extemely heavily hunted unit and the elk in this unit know how to survive very well. I'm just letting you know a little of what to expect.


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i was just reading the CDW

i was just reading the CDW website and found that unit 14 is recommended to hunt by the department for non-residents since there are usually many leftover first season rifle tags. it's just northwest of steamboat springs. i guess 90% of the unit is public land, which isn't bad. so if i get in the drawing, my buddy and i should get the tag.

that may be my first choice. i'd rather hunt early in the year on my first trip out there, so i have a better oppertunity to learn the land. maybe in a couple years, i'll try 3rd or 4th season.

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The state is looking to make

The state is looking to make a buck or in this case several. Be careful on something that looks too good to be true. Yes there are elk there but there will be allot of hunters too. Not sure about allot of first season left over tags but that is possible. Hope someone else can tell you if that is true or not. Putting in for a draw tag is a better idea than hoping for a left over tag as getting them is tough out of state. Wife and I tried for doe and buck tags in unit 18/28 thru the left over draw. In less than 45 minutes over 200 doe tags and over 100 buck tags were sold while she was standing in line at Sportsmans. She tried to do the call in number but it was busy the whole time. Not wanting to bust your bubble but don't want you to plan on that hunt and it goes bad for you.

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No leftovers last year

Here's the stats for the 2011 draw for 1st rifle in unit 14.

either sex, hunt code EE-014-O1-R:  

     150 total tags, 52 drawn by non-residents

     21 of 65 applicants with 0 points were successful, that's a 32% chance as a 1st choice

antlerless, hunt code EF-014-O1-R

     50 total tags, 15 drawn by non-residents

     12 of 19 applicants with 0 points were successful, that's a 63% chance as a 1st choice


Keep in mind the state can and does change the number total number of licenses from year to year and that can further increase or decrease your draw odds.  And, this is only last year's draw results.  If you look at the last 5 years you'd get a better idea of how good a snapshot this is for next year's expectations for the draw.  I would not expect there to be any leftovers for these tags.  There weren't any leftovers last year and there weren't any non-residents who drew these tags with a second choice.  

If you are planning on hunting 1st rifle, I'd put in for these tags as a 1st choice but make sure you have a "back up" area for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choices so you don't end up with vacation time and nowhere to hunt.

On the upside, unit 14 is a great unit.  I don't have a bunch of experience there, but the couple of times we've hunted there it has been really great hunting and lots of fun.

Good luck with your hunt!


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