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2012 colorado antelope hunt success

I took my daughter Adi with me on my antelope hunt. She was so excited to finally get to go hunting with her dad. She was even more excited to learn that we were hunting in a wild horse area. The day before the opener we saw a ton of wild horses but no antelope. After a unusually cold october night we woke to find are water bottles frozen solid and my diesel just barely turned over. Once we got the truck started and warmed up we drove around and glassed all day. We found several herds but no shooters. I think we spent more time glassing mustangs than lopes. We decided to head into town and get a room so her old dad wouldn't freeze his but off again. Day two we woke nice and warm and hit the road to my hunting area. We saw a nice buck and tried a stalk but could not close the deal. We then went to check out another area and found the buck I ended up shooting(Adi named him Oscar). I initially passed on him but could not find a bigger one after hunting the rest of the morning. Adi had to get to school the next day and I really wanted to get one while she was with me. We returned to the area we last saw Oscar and found his herd had not moved far. We got within what I thought was about 500 yards but my range finder couldn't find a good target. I took a shot and missed and the herd blew out of the area. We stepped off the yardage while checking for blood to make sure I had a clean miss and figured that he was at least 600 yards away when I took the shot. On are way back from checking for blood Adi found a "wild" horse shoe. After picking up the horse shoe we looked back and saw the herd circling around us. After a quick stalk we got with in 100 yards and intercepted them. He saw us at the last second and began to quarter away and I dropped him in his tracks. I'm so proud of how tough my little girl was on the whole trip. She is gonna be quite the hunter.

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Nothing better

There is absolutely nothing better then hunting with your kids ! Congrats to both of you on a stud of a buck !

It was also cool meeting you at the taxidermy shop and make sure you post pics of the mount. (also still need pics of the sheep)


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Great story and great way to build lasting memories.

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Awesome! I agree with

Awesome! I agree with Quinton, there's nothing better than hunting with your kids. Your daughter sure looks like she had a great time--great smiles. Nice buck too.

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Great buck. Can't wait to

Great buck. Can't wait to hunt them in Colorado again but I'm a number of years away from my next tag.

It will be even more exciting when your daughter starts getting those tags of her own.

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Great job

Nice having your daughter with you to share that! Very nice buck and cool pics!

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She looks like an absolute

She looks like an absolute sweetheart!  Love the big grin on her standing in front of the horses......

Congrats, that is a beautiful speedgoat!!!!  Love the curl to those horns, very nice!

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Awesome trip

Awesome trip friend!