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2012 CO unit 61 muzzy elk

After 21 years I finally drew an elk tag here. It's not my first time to 61, I'm a native from Montrose but have lived out of state for awile and my dad has taken a monster out of there. The last time i was up there we had a mule deer tag 7 years ago. Just want wanna get any feed back about the unit now, and how the dry weather season and the early hunt season outlook is. Also want to see if anyone else on here will be up there.

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Congrats on a great tag ! Thumbs up Opening morning should be a screamfest again this year and the drought really hasn't affected antler growth or anything. It is raining everyday up there lately or I should say dumping water.

I will be in unit 62 1st rifle season this year with my son hoping to find a big bull for him.

Good luck on your hunt and I hope you come back and share some pics. It would be cool if you shared your fathers 61 bull pics !


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You want help with a nick name like that!!



Just kidding, and thought i'd bust your chops about it.

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