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2012 CO License Applications

So, I saw some discusson on other threads about what people were planning, or had already put in for, but I thought I would put one out specifically for Colorado.  

Today, I broke down and put in my Colorado license applications.  I probably should have waited a little longer since by putting in now, I basically give the Division my money for an extra month.  However, I just couldn't convince myself to wait any longer.  For some reason, it is exciting putting in for licenses.  I think it is as simply as knowing I am one step closer to season.  

For elk, I will be getting a preference point.  I didn't bother with a second choice because I will get an OTC tag later.  I will likely go OTC 2nd Season with my family, but if that would fall through for some reason, I will go OTC Archery solo.  

For deer, I will get a preference point and likely draw my 3rd choice tag, which is archery for Unit 29.  It was definitely unusual hunting that unit last year with it so overrun with non-hunting recreationalists.  However, it still beat staying home.  

For antelope, if everyone applies the same as they did last year, I should have an approximately 20% chance of drawing a rifle buck antelope tag.  If that doesn't pan out, I will likely wear myself out trying OTC Archery.  

I finally started the preference point game for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat, largely thanks to inspiration from people on this site.  By reading some of the stories and posts about hunts for these species, I finally convinced myself that I can loan the Division some money each year for a couple months over the course of several years in order to give myself a chance to draw one of those tags.  

Also, I have not seen the link posted, but for anyone who hasn't put in and would like help with the CO application process, the Division has several seminars in different parts of the state to help.  

Anyway, happy application season while dreaming about hunting this fall!

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I too am gathering

I too am gathering information and can hardly wait to apply. Got a final few things to figure, then I'll be ready! Dancing

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2nd choices only

This is going to be a busy year for me, so I decided not to risk my points on anything.

2nd or later choices and OTC tags only for me.  

I've already got my points in for Utah deer and elk, will eventually buy the Wyoming deer, elk and antelope points, will wait til the last minute to see how my finances are doing before I consider buying a point in Nevada deer or California deer or some of the other more expensive states where I have to buy the license.  Buying sheep, goat and moose points here in Colorado.

In Wyoming, I'm just putting in for antelope doe tags, though my girlfriend might go for a buck tag.

In Colorado, might do some archery OTC antelope and trying to draw a 2nd choice doe tag.  Not sure if I'll draw the tag though.

For elk, it'll be archery for the bull license, probably combo a cow license with my deer license in 2nd season.  I hate hunting 2nd season, but it's the only rifle season my boss can gaurantee I can get out there.  Gonna have my girlfriend try to draw a good 2nd choice 4th season license on the off chance I'll at least be able to go with her.  If it turns out we won't be able to go, I'll just have her swap it out for 2nd OTC bull.

So anyway, my year might look like this:  turkey hunting one or two weekends this spring, scouting in June, July and August.  Archery antelope in August, archery elk in September, rifle antelope in Wyoming in early or mid October, deer/elk combo in late October, possible tag along hunt for elk in mid November, rifle antelope doe in December.  Oh and maybe a little duck or pheasant hunting thrown in for good measure.

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Mine is much easier. Bull for

Mine is much easier. Bull for ML season with a cow as 2nd choice. Buck for 2nd rifle, and a doe 2nd choice during ML season. Hopefully i'll get an elk early and finish the ML season getting a doe. The 2nd rifle for buck is a long shot. I have no points for it.

Maybe a landowner doe or cow voucher for later in the year.

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I also applied too early this

I also applied too early this year. I usually wait to the deadline. Applied for a unit 40 4th season elk tag, a S22 sheep tag, and will attempt a long shot in one of the hybrid draws for pronghorn and mule deer.

I will probably not draw anything and buy a OTC bull tag for the 3rd season. 

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I did it simple this year.  I

I did it simple this year.  I spent 16 deer points on a 4th season tag in unit 44, put in for a PP for elk and will draw my 4th season cow and I'll usually get a OTC elk archery tag since I won't be getting my archery deer tag this year.  Then I am also starting from scratch with a PP for antelope.  That is just it for Colorado.   

As for waiting for the last minute, if you do that and make a mistake you just may be out of luck in the drawings.  Also if you already have the money sitting in the bank you might as well as send it to the division since you are not getting that good of a interest rate at the bank.  Anyway that is my way of looking at it. 

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I will get mine in by the end

I will get mine in by the end of next week, Spent all my money available already In Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming. Plus the hunt I just got back from last week.

Here at home will probably try for a 4th season deer in 444, I have 2 points so should have a chance at it. Otherwise second choice for second season. Probably a either apply for 1st season either sex elk in 444 or just take a point and go for 4th season either sex and maybe a leftover cow also. A point for antelope, goats and still undecided for moose and sheep. I'll probably try for those but still undecided on the units.

Going to pass on New Mexico this year with the rule changes and lack of funds to pay for everything.


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Finished mine up today! Put in for my trophy Elk with my 17 points. Deer another point with a second choice Buck on Private.  Moose with my 3 and 11 and Bear another point, along with Antelope. Probably another point for Wyo Antelope and I still have 4 points for Kansas Deer although it doen't take points at present. Good Luck Everyone!!

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Put mine in last week for me

Put mine in last week for me and my wife. Have 2 PP so hoping we get our either sex ML tags for elk. If that fails we will get a second choice cow tag for ML season. Deer is a buck for me and a doe for the wife second season. Antelope, goat, sheep, bear and moose are PP only this year due to the spring bear hunt in May. Now for the long wait to see what we really draw.