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2012 2nd season Muley hunt

Well I am back from another great muley hunt with my father and my nephew hunted this year with us also. We had a great time as always and I can not waite for the next muley hunt !  Thumbs up

Opening morning I got my nephew on a great heavy 3x3, "BUT" he ended up shooting low and missing the buck. So we kept hunting for a good buck for my nephew the rest of the first weekend (he only had weekends to hunt do to college and wrestling).

On Monday dad and I were back at it and were finding only smaller bucks and does. He was having a tough time keeping his finger off the trigger again this year. So when this little 4x4 came out just before dark it was on for my dad.

Tuesday dad and I went out in the morning and found only smaller bucks and does again. So dad decided to run his deer back to town. My mom wanted to do some walking while dad was gone and so I took her out. I did not find any deer on my walk, but did end up doing some predator control with the Ultra Mag.

Wedesday found dad and i back out again. No luck in the morning, but then the cold and rain moved in.  Thumbs up That evening the bigger bucks started showing themselves and I could not pass on this one.....

The rest of the week we spent relaxing and looking at deer until Saturday morning when my nephew was back with us. He ended up taking this buck just after sun up !

We had a blast !!

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You suck, have I said that

You suck, have I said that before????? lol

Man Quinton, another great deer!  He gonna go on the wall too?  Congrats, and to the rest of your family also!


BTW, do you ever get a weight on those critters?  Yours looks like a horse..... Thumbs up

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Nice buck!

That's a hell of a nice buck!  Congratulations on a awesome deer season. Are you hunting elk?

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Congrats to all of you on

Congrats to all of you on your deer.  Thumbs up

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very nice....your making me

Thumbs up very nice....your making me jealous!!!

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Thanks much guys ! Thumbs up


This buck I have plans to have mounted on a pedestal and he will go on one of the end tables. As for the wieght we get the carcass weighed when we take them to my processor. Typically the bigger bucks I have been taking (estimated live wieght) is usually around 200-230 pounds. This bucks carcass wieght was 155 pounds.


I did not hunt elk this year, but will be hunting bulls in unit 40 next year. Yes


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Looks like ya'll had a great

Looks like ya'll had a great trip. Thanks for sharing man!

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Congratulations on another

Congratulations on another great year!! You set a high mark every time Quinton.

My kids have taken a 2 point each this year with limited time to get out but they are happy just the same. 

I leave for a Texas whitetail hunt next Sunday and will get back just in time for my 4th season buck tag here at home.

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Beautiful bucks congrats, you

Beautiful bucks congrats, you guys don't fool around

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Wow that is another great

Wow that is another great looking buck you took. The other two your dad and nephew took are very nice too. Most hunters would be very happy at taking any of those. As I have said before you must have a very good place as you consistently take nice bucks. I know some is patients and waiting on a big deer but the area must be good and have those caliber or deer to wait on and take. Congratulations to you and your family. The pedestal mount sounds good. I am sure we will see photos in 9 months or so.

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Quinton - Really nice buck.

Quinton - Really nice buck. What do you think he will score? I imagine if he lived in lower elevations the browse and vegatation would have been less than optimal this year with the dry conditions. Preston