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2011 Western States Fur Auction

It looks like this is quite an event. I was really surprised at the prices some of these animals bring. In our "politically correct" world, I am amazed that the pelt of a bobcat would bring $572.00!

Read about it at: http://trappingtoday.com/index.php/category/fur-prices/


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i watch fur prices closely,

i watch fur prices closely, then i trap accordingly.

the first auction in january of the NAFA is what i try to base my traps on. last year, beaver did awesome! but for some reason, this year it was coyote, and you couldn't sell a muskrat.

your top money earners are always coyote, beaver, bobcat, lynx and wolf.

i generally trap for beaver and bobcat and coyote.

this year, i let the beavers live mostly, istead of devastating them. i hope beaver sells better next year, and i will have more to trap. the nice thing about my location, is that they get a good size and medium quality here in kansas, so i get a good middle price.

tops usually run only the top 2% of skins, the biggest and the best, so keep it in mind.