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2011 was good looking forward to 2012

I need to get cought up on some pictures. We were able to  get up to Lake Granby for some camping and fishing last spring and the kids cought some nice fish. After not drawing a single tag and my wife getting a new job  my weekend OTC archery hunts were unsuccessful and all my old hony holes are overrun with moose. I was able to get my wife a cow on her very fist hunt I'm very proud of her 1 shot, 308 yards with a .243 the cow took 2 steps, 2 spins and fell over dead. It was the biggest cow i have seen. I was also able to get my 10 yr old daughter out on her first hunt in Nebraska but buck fever spares no one, a buck at 12 yards with a crossbow was a little overwhelming. We have a few more weeks left we hope to get out one more time.


Happy new year,


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Excellent !!


Thanks for sharing the short story and pics ! Congrats on a wonderful year for sure ! Thumbs up Good luck to your daughter on taking her first deer. Yes


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  That is a great looking cow


That is a great looking cow - congrats to your wife on a great shot too!  Looking forward to seeing the picture of your daughter's first deer.  Thanks for sharing!


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Looks like a successful year,

Looks like a successful year, nice fish!