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2011 sheds

 Well I was able to get out on a few shed trips this year, it wasnt my best year but I found a few nice sheds including the coolest looking antler in my shed carrer :thumbsup1:  Its not that big but its got some cool character on it. Also found my biggest 3 point shed! :D  


005.JPG1.92 MB
008.JPG3.39 MB
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Congrtatulations on a nice

Congrtatulations on a nice bunch of sheds. I made it out a few times myself but was totally insuccessful this year. I hope to make it out again but as usual time is always short. The coolest one I ever found had 7 points, 3 on each split and a brow tine as well.

Good luck on any future trips.

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That one has great

That one has great charcter...along with some other really nive looking one.  What state was that in?

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Some great looking sheds

Some great looking sheds there!


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VERY NICE !!!!!!!


I am super glad to see you are out there getting it done ! Congrats on some great sheds and I love the shed with all the character. :thumbsup1: Keep on getting out there and pay attention to elk sign if you find any, because you will be surprised where you will find elk during hunting season. Hint, hint....


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Thanks guys

Thanks guys for the comments, Goose I found these sheds in the western part of colorado, Thanks quinton for the advice, I will be doing scouting and puttin up some trail cams soon. I didnt draw my 1st season tag this year so I will be hunting otc archery which is just as good Thumbs up also may pic up a rifle cow tag if there is any leftover! and I drew my buck tag so I know that is going to be a slam dunk. With some luck its going to be a big one Yes

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