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2011 elk hunt

I finally got around to posting some of the pics from our 2nd season elk hunt.  Last year my friend, my dad and myself had a bit of a rough season to say the least.(ACCIDENT #1  It all started with one of the horses falling down in the timber and getting wedged upside down with a load on.(ACCIDENT #2)  After that ordeal we continued on and shortly before arriving at our camp site, one of the other horses decided he wasn't going to take the same route as eveyone else and then he got stuck in a bog with a load on.  After taking the panniers off we struggled for 2 hours trying to get him out becuase he was bottomed out clear to his stomach.  Just about the time the horse and us, were about to give up, he finally made one last good effort and managed to get himself out of the bog.  The only thing that would have been worse than losing that horse would be having to tell our families that we lost him.(that would not have gone over well)  So we finally arrive at the campsite and managed to get it set up after a brutally long day.  The next day we didn't get a lot of hunting done in the morning but that evening I headed to one of my favorite meadows and didn't have to wait long before this bull walked out and since he was legal...and my name is raghorn shooter, I shot him.  Now before we left the weather report predicted light snow in our area but nothing to worry about, right?  So we planned on grazing the horses and only packed enough feed for about 2 days because we were only supposed to get a couple of inches right?  Well Tuesday morning brought 18" of snow and it kept snowing.  Undeterred by the weather, my friend went out and returned shortly with news that he had just killed a 4 pt.  So considering the fact that we killed 2 elk, didn't know when the snow was supposed to stop, having a very small amount of horefeed left (remember the grazing idea) we got out of there on Wednesday morning.  At least the trip out was uneventful and the hoses and hunters are all in good shape and the elk steaks have been getting served up regularly. 

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What a crazy hunt and congrats on the elk ! Thumbs up

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Wow, what a eventfull hunt, glad it all worked out, congrats on the Elk.


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Those steaks make it worth

Those steaks make it worth all of it doesn't it? Congrats!!!

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Thanks guys I've been hunting elk every year since I was about 8 and this was by far the toughest elk hunts we've had. Didn't get pics of the other bull but my batteries were dead. But hey...who hasn't seen a 4 pt. Not quite the caliber elk kill gets but hey it was OTC and waiting could have meant going home with nothing. So we were happy with the result.

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Really cool story.  Crazy how

Really cool story.  Crazy how fast the weather changes in the high country.

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Nice job on the hunt!  Two

Nice job on the hunt!  Two years ago a buddy and I bugged out of a second season elk camp two days after getting there.  We were at 10,000' with a truck and camper and they were predicting some snow, like your situation, a few inches.  Thought nothing of it until the weather forecast was predicting 18-24" the next day for anything above 9000'.  Some of the camps has snowmobiles, not us, so we left.  It was a bad hunting year for us, but the few the remained, had great success I heard.   If you're not from CO, it's almost unreal how fast the weather can change and how fast the snow can fall. 

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Congrats on the hunt. Seem

Congrats on the hunt. Seem like you all had a good time!

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