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2011 Colorado Sheep Draw Results are up.

We were unsuccessful. Here's a link http://wildlife.state.co.us/Hunting/BigGame/DrawResultsAndPrefPoints/

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Well it looks like I will be

Well it looks like I will be getting some checks back in the mail as well. I had high hopes for the sheep tag as I've been putting in for most of my life but knew the goat was a non issue as this year will finally give me the three points I need to get back into the running. Moose is a slim chance coming up but I never get to excited about that one as the chances are very low.

Oh well all my truck and auto license plates come due right when the checks come back so at least I won't be out anything extra.

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17 years and still waiting

17 years and still waiting for that tag.  But on the positive side I get $254.00 back in a month or so and I get to put in another application next year. :thumbsup1:

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No dice here either...

No dice here either... atleast for sheep. Hint... Hint 

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I successfully drew a

I successfully drew a preference point. Only two more to go and I'll have a chance

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man. i can't believe your

man. i can't believe your hint status!

i'm one jealous kid. everytime i think about getting the chance to hunt sheep or goats, i get a little twitchy.

i'll get the oppertunity eventually, since i'll be applying for so many tags, but. i have no idea what i'd do when it happens. probably rush out and buy every map of the etire world!

if you need some help packing for this trip, just remember that i'm only an 8 hour drive from fort collins! i'ver got a sturdy back and strong legs and will glady carry your gear to the top for the small price of watching you shoot!

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