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I started to plan this hunt early October cause I dont have much luck drawing out for big game. I put in for 5 hunts and failed to get a tag between Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah hunts. I decided to do alot of research on hunting Colorado. I was really confused on how the hunts worked at first but after several phone calls and finding this forum it came to be very clear.  I was looking to hunt units 70-71 and found out the success rates of 40 percent. I am a type of hunter  that wants to avoid the crowds willing to work hard. I took off 2 weeks of work and decided to come 4 days earlier to scout some areas before buying a tag I figured if I couldnt find an area I wont buy a Tag. Well I scouted the area I hunted and seen several nice bulls including an Albino bull which was really a site to see I know not alot of people would not believe me on the Albino but I did have some witness who also seen the Albino elk.  I decided to back pack in and hunted 2 days and ran into this guy in the pines. My shot was approx 400 yards my shot was dead on and the rest is history. I know he not the best bull around but he's nice for me. I got good meat and enjoyed the area it was amazing of the animals from Mt Goats, to deer to bears. I do have to say Colorado does have it all.

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  Congrats on the very nice


Congrats on the very nice bull elk!  Pretty neat to see an albino elk too!  It took me 45 years but I got smart and moved to Colorado.


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That's some beautiful

That's some beautiful country, and an awesome bull!  Congrats again on taking such a nice critter!  Thanks for throwing up the photos!!

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great pics.  

great pics.  

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Nice Bull.