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2010 Utah Guaranteed Big Game Tags

If you want to come to Utah and hunt big game in 2010 give Shane a call at #435-201-4088. We have guaranteed auction tags coming available ranging from estimated $400 for a cow elk, $1900 for a buck antelope, $4,000 for a tom cougar regional tag, $5,500 for limited entry buck mule deer , $6,500 archery elk, on up to $17,000 for some of the best rifle elk tags in the state. The tags available can be viewed from the links on our homepage on the right side. Call for more information. We would love to have you hunting with us this fall. Our homepage video will give you an idea of what's ahead of you in 2010 hunting with us. The Utah Public drawing also opens in Febuary 2010.

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That's a fine looking bull!

How was the 2010 season for these tags?

I'm not sure why this post from last year came up on the top of the cue (side bar) but man that's a nice elk. Thanks for sharing the photo.



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That's a greast elk for sure

That's a greast elk for sure but those prices are far beyond what I could ever pay for one. I am willing to pay for a good hunt but try to limit my plans for any one hunt to about 3,000 including expenses. I've done good so far but my plans and dreams are starting to try and stretch that limit.