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2010 Archery Question

When should i plan on my 7-10 day hunt? Before ML season or after? I understand there will be some overlap either way, so maybe i should ask which is better, early or late September? I'll be hunting public land, OTC, big commitment hike wilderness areas.

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2010 Archery Question

Rut tends to be later in the season. Hunting early can be nice too, as the wapiti are doing their normal daily activity and aren't spooked yet.

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2010 Archery Question

I would hunt the later season, especially if you are new. The last weekend of muzzleloader season through the end of archery season is the best time to be out.

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2010 Archery Question

In the begining of sept. you can sit on watering holes ( tanks, wallows ) if it is warm and dry, this is a little easyer hunt and the elk are calmer. After ML season the elk usually head deep onto rugged cannons away from all the road hunters/pressure and are much moor warry. But when you get onto a scream fest of bugles its well worth the pac in, on the last ten days of sept.

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