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2009 Trophy Alaskan Hunts

True Trophy Alaska Sheep and Goat Hunts 2009

Gary Munoz of Alaska Guide Outfitters is offering the opportunity of a lifetime for hunters that have wanted to experience a true Alaskan Trophy Dall Sheep or Mountain Goat hunt.

Dall Sheep are 10 day hunts in the Chugach Mountains GMU 13D and 14C area of Alaska for only $6500.00. 12 day hunts priced at $7,800.00 Archery or firearm.

Mountain Goat drawing and registration 7 day hunts in GMU 13D, 14A and 14C are priced at $5,550.00 archery or firearm.

New for 2009 for the client on a tight budget. Alaska Guide Outfitters is offering hunts for Dall sheep, Mountain Goat, Brown/ Grizzly Bear charging a guide day rate of $400.00 per day. Guide provides own food and shelter, secures hunting area permits and camp registrations.

Client provides own food, shelter, pays for transportation into out hunt area for guide.

2 hunters per guide max, 7 day hunt min.

Applications for these hunts are due by December 6, 2008. If you are interested in these hunts Gary is willing to pay your application fees and license fees provided you book your hunt with him should you be successful in drawing a tag.

In addition there will not be any additional expense for flying for most GMU 14C hunts. These hunts are only accessible by walking in or horseback.

For more information and hunt specifics contact me and I will put you in touch with Gary. If you have ever wanted to go on an affordable true trophy Dall sheep or mountain goat hunt you now can realize that dream.

Rod Prusi Trophy Connections
218-244-6200 (cell)

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