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2009 Kansas Unit 11 Deer

Prime deer hunting in Kansas unit 11.

A little background information.
This will be the first time we have ever leased any ground (may have seen the post from last year but we decided to lease to late tags were already gone-starting early this year!) and the only reason we are doing it know is because we are geting ready to build a house (hopefully still in the planning phase). We have manged our land and don't want more than 3 bucks harvested--so it is a max 3 person lease.

What we have:
We have 320 acres of combination creek bottom ground (creek, timber, funnels, pasture ponds, and small fields of alfalfa and soy beans) to lease. It is very huntable and easy to get in and out.

We are asking $2500 a person--after much research and visiting with others we feel that this is what it is worth. Understanding that this may be too pricey for some people-we feel it is fair and really geared towards someone who is looking for a trophy hunt. In the last 6 years we have taken a 170 and two 150's (only me and my wife hunt it-she shot the 170 he had 4 tines 11" and over). 2yrs ago she hunted one day (was 9mo. pregnant) and harvested a 150 8 pointer (have pics to back it up-she did great!). I had an opportunity to shoot a nice 8 pointer (150+) this year (bow) but forgot about the cell phone in my pocket-long story short-at the moment of truth and 15 yards (spot and stalk) cell phone rang and the jig was up-saw him a couple other times but never another opportunity--so he's still out there! Saw several other shooters after season so there should be several good ones to chase this year as well.

Take it for what it's worth but we have a quality place with quality deer. Can provide Terraserver images of the property and pics of the deer and last years sheds we've found (can e-mail if seriously interested-haven't had time to look for this years-maybe during Turkey season). We didn't look very hard for sheds last year--had a new baby to take care of (ditto for this year not much time to get in the woods). The Wensel brothers continue to lease the land to the north of us (they write for bowhunter magazine and are the creators of the Wensel Woodsman Broadhead) if that gives you any indication as to the quality of deer here.

Let me know if this is something your interested in and thanks again for looking--look forward to hearing from you!

Joe and Nikki

Joined: 08/28/2008
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2009 Kansas Unit 11 Deer


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