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Ok neighbors, heres my 5x5 from yesterday. Shot him at 9am about over 300 yards only becauseothers (6bulls/20+cows) busted me when I was trying to get up on them, this 5 was closest to the top--& he didnt notice the others movin down. Shot, Wounded him, he actually sat down for about 10 minutes, he popped up went into the trees, I waited about 1hr, walked down and across, and up to where he went in, he popped up, ran across in trees, my heart was pumping thinking the worst, is he going to get away. So I set my self up where I can see him almost from all sides, sure enuff, hear rocks fall on other side, he pops up in open, stood lookin my way prob for me. he was about ovver 200 yards, I aimed about 5 in above his neck and boom he drops in his tracks nailed him close to his head. Finally, 10:30, up canyon to get truck, and back down, started work bout 11:15, called for back up around 2pm, bud showed around 4, finished 6:15. Now I'm ahurtin'! and I LOVE IT! lol

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Late hunt

heading for colville Nov. 7th looking to bag a nice "Booner" any advice on some hot spots would be welcomed....Thanks !! Oldlogger.

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This year has been a fun one so far.
It started out slow with a spring bear hunt that left me a week behind the bears all season. I never saw a bear until the season was over but I did manage to drop a coyote.

Then I was able to get another.

And another.

and a couple more but no pics.


First sturgeon trip.

First 2008 WA bear.

Brother's archery elk.

Grouse and mushrooms.

A little crow hunting.

Wife's spike.

Second 2008 WA bear

A little bear meat canned for the winter.

Not pictured are my step brother's 5x6 ML bull and my buddies rifle cougar.

Season is going well so far. Now I just need to connect with a deer during rifle season and hopefully an elk in the late archery season.

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Nice bear. Am still searching one for myself. I lucked out this year for the Mule but anyway, there is still a late season for blacktail. Like the picture of this bear though. Congrats

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