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another thing, exercise, at least work on your legs, it really helps out even if its only for 20 minutes at least a few times a week, maybe 1 day weights, 2 days a week cardio--every lil' bit counts. Or like others say, go for a hike and scout, but weights really do help in hiking them deep canyons--ya know where the big ones like to hang out. I dont know about others, but there are times where I'll be going from 5am till late evening, sundown.

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2008 new hunting year

im assuming hiking with what all you plan to take up hunting. by that meaning in the beg. start off slow with light stuff then when the season progresses work your way up to everything. wow now i gotta cut back smoking darn it haha lame.

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2008 new hunting year

get in the woods as much as possible it dont even matter if its a area you want to hunt just get familer with being alone in high country. Practice spot and stalks even if its a little doe. just practice being sneeke... if you cant be sneeke stay off my mountain cool

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2008 new hunting year

I concur with fuzzybear. I check my gear and replace the items that need replacing and make sure all my gear is in good working order. I keep a journal of my hunts so I make note of the things I did right and the mistakes I made. I try and correct the human error mistakes and I review my gear to see if I can't add something that will make me more successful. I am a firm believer in having the best optics I possible. I have six hunting rifles and all have Leupold Gold Ring scopes (VX-1 or better). With Leupold's great lifetime warranty and oustanding quality, I never have to worry about my scope failing when I need it the most. I personally believe that Leupold is the best scope on the market, but I am biased. I love the Leupold product! If you have any scopes that are marginal I would replace them first. Nothing worse than seeing a trophy elk and putting that scope to your eye and having it fogged up where you can't see anything and you miss that once in a lifetime opportunity at a trophy animal.

I also study new products and loads on the market to see if anything is more effective than what I am using.

Finally as so many others said: practice, practice, practice. Keeping shooting. The more you shoot the sharper you will be.

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