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2007 Stone Sheep Opening

Sheep Hunters - I just received this opening from our outfitter in the Yukon Territory of Canada. He has an opening for this year on a Stone Sheep hunt. He is usually booked 2 years out, but this hunt came available due to a cancellation, and I know it won't last long. This hunt can also be combined with Yukon moose, mountain caribou, grizzly & black bears for a trophy fee.
Dates for the hunt are from August 19th to August 28 th ,2007. This is a full ten day hunt - hunter flies to camp on august 18th and return on August 29 th.
Base Price $10,000
Harvest Fee $7,500
Harvest Fee Moose $3,000
Harvest Fee Caribou $3,000
Harvest Fee Grizzly $3,500
Harvest Fee Black Bear $500

Contact me for more details on this amazing hunting experience.

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