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2007 New Mexico Hunting Openings

Hunters we still have prime spots available for a Trophy Elk or Antelope hunt in New Mexico. This outfitter hunts private ranches in units 10 & 12 for trophy bulls and a 30,000 acre ranch in eastern New Mexico for antelope.

On his Unit 12 private ranch, our outfitter is proud to offer these trophy bull tags on two shared fence ranches in Big Game Unit 12. These hunts are in the heat of the rut and will be action packed!

With a total of 20,000 + acres and only three hunters per ranch, per week, you will get personal service and a good chance at a great bull. These ranches are in thick pinion/juniper, with plenty of open fields. The terrain is very easy to navigate with rolling hills and plenty of roads. These bulls have been lightly hunted and have had a chance to reach maturity. These hunts are five days long, 1x1 hunter/guide ratio, and we will adjust to any special conditions the hunter may require.

On their Unit 10 private ranch, this outfitter also offers a limited amount of tags in Big Game Unit 10 for mature bull elk and mule deer. These tags are unit wide tags. Unit 10 has produced some great bulls for them in the past and I'm sure it will in the future as well. The outfitter got its start in this unit and it is a unit that they know very well. They have taken bulls from the 260" to the 360" range. This unit has everything from flat to very steep and rugged terrain. They also offer ranch only mule deer hunts in this unit. This unit produces bucks in the 170" + range every year.

Their antelope hunts are on a ranch outside of Kenna, New Mexico on 30,455 acres. They will only offer six tags on this ranch. Last year's hunt was short with every tag filled and back into the ranch house by 10:30am. The bucks are in the 14" to 16" range with the largest buck we saw last year making it through the hunt. On these hunts we will stay in motels in Portales, New Mexico and drive 30 miles to the ranch and disperse as the guides go to their favorite spots. Motels and meals are provided in the cost of the hunt. These hunts are 2x1 (two hunters/1 guide), the terrain is open rolling hills in eastern New Mexico.

Rates and dates
$7750 Bulls in Unit 12 Rifle - Sept. 30th-Dec. 31st Any 5 Days
$5750 Bulls in Unit 10 Rifle & Muzzle Loader - Oct. 6-10th Muzzle loader., Oct. 13th-17th Rifle
$5175 Either Sex Unit 12 Bow - Sept. 1st-22nd Any 5 Days
$5175 Either Sex Unit 10 Bow - Sept. 1st-22nd Any 5 Days
$1725 Cow Elk Unit 10 Rifle - Dec. 1st-5th
$1725 Cow Elk Unit 12 Rifle - Sept. 1st-Dec. 31st Any 5 days
$3175 Antelope Private Ranch - Sept. 15th-16th

All hunts include airport pick up from Albuquerque, New Mexico (pick up is also provided from Lubbock, Texas for antelope hunts), meals, lodging, trophy care and landowner tags. Contact me for more details, so we can book your 2007 hunt.