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2007 NB moose hunt

Well after 8 years applying I finally got my tag, we went out first morning at the beaver pond, I started calling and spraying cow moose in heat urine at 6 am, soon after I heard a big crack in the woods in front of me, after more calling and no response I thought it may have been a fat squirrel, but I heard it again a couple more times and it seamed to be working its way behind us, ( wind was in are face) all of sudden a big "splash" this was not a fat beaver ether, it was a moose, he had worked his way around us got the smell of the urine and was coming in fast, splash splash splash and then nothing, he had climbed up on the road that divided the pond in 2 sections, and then another big splash, he was now on my side of the pond, but I still couldn’t see him, to mush vegetation, he swam across, since it was about 8 feet deep, got the other side and started trashing his antlers in the brush, all I could see was the tree tops shaking, he then started down the channel towards me, their was only one little opening that way, I got ready he finally popped out in the opening 100 feet away from me and stopped and looked at me, he then realized I wasn’t the lovely lady he was looking for but it was to late, I let him have it with my 30-06, 180 grain, he went 10 feet and dropped, no need for a second shoot, he was dead, what a first moose hunting experience, at 8:30 it was all over, 900 lbs bull 20 point 50" spread. Those calling tips and site preparation the old times showed me really worked.

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2007 NB moose hunt

Congrats, very nice bull Thumbs up

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2007 NB moose hunt

Yee-ha Thumbs up Thumbs up

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2007 NB moose hunt

Way to go corm awesome bull congrats. Thumbs up

Like I said In earlier posts the 30 odd pushing those 180s are the best combo Ive found yet for big game.

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2007 NB moose hunt

Sweet!!! Thumbs up

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congrats very nice bull Yes

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