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2007 KANSAS whitetail hunts

have a friend in Kansas that will be offering only 2 unguided deer hunts for 140+Class whitetails on several thousand acres in Trophy unit 14 Morriss County the price will include the Landowner tag you will be responsible for food, lodging, travel hunting license the Tag will be included in the price these are 5 days hunts for any weapon or season prefer rifle or bow hunters.

The Price of this hunt is $1250 each and includes the tag 2 hunters only will be taken this fall and this is a DIY hunt

On my 2006 DIY/Swap hunt hunt I brought a friend that killed a 285 B/C monster which is on the front cover of North American Whitetail right now in the Febuary 2007 issue this is not the same property but right down the road and shares the excellent genetics in the area

Here are some pics of the 285 monster hunt please email me at if interested

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