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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

I was finally lucky enough ( after 20+ years ) to win a moose permit this year.
I got it in zone 8 ( Jackman area ) Bull only, Sept. 9th to 14th.
I plan on using my Weatherby 30-06 bolt action rifle.
I would like to use Remington Cor-Lokt's 180 grain PSP as they group at 1 1/4 or less at 100 yards and are easy on ( mine at least ) the shoulder.
I think this would be enough bullet for Maine moose, just thought I would ask for the opinions from other hunters that may have used this or similar bullets on moose.

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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

Good choice of calibre and cartridge. You need nothing more.
Good dates too. Rut starts during full moon in September.
Good luck Thumbs up

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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

Congrats on the draw and good luck. That 06 with 180's will do the trick.

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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

The group I hunt with has taken 4 moose in the last 3 years with the set up you are using, and we have never had to chase one more than 50 yards. Congrats on getting drawn and good luck with the hunt. Thumbs up

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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

My son and I doubled up on a big moose in VT several years ago. I hit him with a 180 Grain CoreLokt from a .300 Savage; my sone hit him with a 175 Grain CoreLokt from a 7MM Rem Magnum. The guy who cut it up for us said with either hit that moose wasn't going too far. He only traveled about 35 yards after we hit him.

Good luck to you.

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2006 Maine Moose Hunt, Ammo Question

Congrats! I have shot 4 moose in Maine, all with 30-06 using 180 gr Nosler Partition. The closest was 25 yards, the furthest was 275 yards. All went down instantly and never got up. Yup, 30-06 will do the trick, but the single most important consideration is shot placement, regardless of caliber.

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