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2006 bear

Hey well i got a bear finally was worried it was hot and the bears were only coming at night. but it cooled of and sure enough first cooler night they came. so here's the story. got to the stand a 3. the wind was in my face and should of wore more clothes but hey who knew. around five this little mouse came out and was running around the base of my tree i guess he wanted some old bread out of the bait barrel i left there. Was so cold i stood up to pee around 6pm. started to wonder if i should go warm up but fought off the cold and sat in the tree in the help postion for about 10 mins chewing some tabacoo like any good albertian. Just happened to look over at the bucket and seen this form that looked like a bear. thought i was just seeing things. i looked over again and sure enough he was there. so i slowly sat up and cocked the old meat gun (30-30 with the new lever 165 grain from hornady) held just behind his shoulder just as he was looking into the bait barrel the old gum barked and the bear ran. heard him crying for about 30 seconds then the bush went deadly slient for a minute. He gave the old death cry and that was that. No fancy camera in the trees and no fancy baits. Burnt some good maple suryp. Also using oat and old deep fryer grease. Hey was about 6 feet long and around 350 or so. Nice chacolate hide. So i think every one that has bears coming at night it just might be to warm for you, or if it's a full moon just wait till it changes because it worked for me. It went from 22 c to about 10 c heres some pics the knife is four inches

bear 2.JPG
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2006 bear

Way to Go Thumbs up I like the lever action 30 - 30 Big smile I have Marlin that I take out for deer occasionally. Seems like a whole different experience with one of those in your hands Big smile

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2006 bear

Way to go another bear for the BGH crew, nice. I to have a "sharp finger" great caping knife.

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2006 bear

Nice one!

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