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Re: 200 yard load for Hawkins.........

I'm jealous about the Browning rifle. Hunted with a guy quite awhile back who used one to good effect on mule deer. Was with him when he popped a nice 3 point at 80 to 90 yards. DOA! Hit in the ribs the ball was in the opposite side ribs and was flattened out to almost an inch. At that range, he said he was happy he didn't hit it in the shoulder as he wasn't sure it the ball would have made it thru to the vitals. It was a gorgeous rifle and he said it raised eyebrows at the rondezvous' he had recently attended. Saw one at a gun store in Boise a few years later. Talked myself into not needing it. Been kicking myself in the ass ever since.

As I recall, his load was 105 grain of ffg black powder (he said he would never insult that rifle by using a substitute powder), a .530 Hornady round ball and a .15 wonder lubed patch. It was a tight load and took some effort to push down the barrel but paid off down range.

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Re: 200 yard load for Hawkins.........

Not to hijack the thread, but got to try out the browning today, and, well Hal, it's OK to be jealous. Tried loads from 80 to 140gr Goex ffg, with .530, .535 balls, .015, .018 patches, and while it'll take awhile to get the load I want, as well as get used to the rear sight, suffice to say I think target shooting from 150yds will be do-able. I was shooting from 120yds with my 50yr old eyes, and I was consistantly shooting 6" over the target center(aiming the rear sight wrong), but the group was good. Definitely a stiff push down the barrel. A fairly heavy rifle, but nicely balanced, and almost no recoil.
They are around, while looking for one I came across 3: this one, one as new in the original box(out of my price range), and one in pieces with a new green mtn barrel, but needed the ferrels put on, etc. If you look earnestly, I'm sure you'll find one. This one'll never be for sale again, as I've always liked Brownings, and I'm sure next time my son's home he'll fall in love with it. (which of course means when I hunt bp with my son he'll get the browning frown but that's because I get much more enjoyment out of watching him hunt Thumbs up )

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