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20 gauge too big?

Hey guys, I was wondering do you think a 20 gauge shotgun is too big for a 14 year old? I am 5'5 and weigh 127 lbs. I have shot a 410 shotgun and it doesnt heart but its really small. I am just curious because if I buy a 20 gauge I dont wont to get home and find out its to big for me. Thanks,nc.hunter.

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20 gauge too big?

No, a 20 ga isn't too big. You could even shoot a 16 ga or 12 ga at your build . Just be aware that the power level of the ammunition (light field loads vs magnum) determines the recoil level you will experience. It is also the case that individuals have different tollerances for recoil. You will have to experiment to find what level of recoil is comfortable for you.
Glad to see you are taking an interest in shooting sports. We need more people your age taking an interest.

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20 gauge too big?

Recoil in the 20ga is very manageable for a young man of your size. You and I are the same weight and height and I often shoot as much as 250 rounds of
20ga in a session when practicing for a tournament. The slightly larger frame of the full size shot gun that I recommended in an earlier post will also help with the recoil. Start shooting with light target loads until you get accustom to your new gun and get some pointers from a pro on mounting the gun properly. A correct mount can eliminate a great deal of the "felt recoil" and prevent you from developing a flinch. It will also help you shoot better then your buddies when you get in the field.
What part of NC are you from?
I'll get you a phone number of an instructor and Gun Club near you.

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20 gauge too big?

If you can talk to the guys you know who have 20 and 12 gauges, I always shot my dads 12 gauges but i was a little taller and about 10 pounds heavier when i started hunting and shooting. I'd look into an adult sized gun cause your probably big enough to handle one, and like old professor said recoil is subjective, try it out for your self. My 51/2 pound 20 gauge hits like a train and I've shot 10 gauges that were pleasent.

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20 gauge too big?

my advice is try all three gauges and shoot the one you like. i weigh 120 and dont like a 12(i shoot a 20) but i have seen people smaller than me shoot one with no problem. it all depends on what you`re comfortable with.

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20 gauge too big?

I agree with Oldprofessor on this one. It all depends on the individual. I was shooting 12 ga when I was 14 yrs, but by that age I had also been shooting for 5 years. Still, when I first started shooting rifles and shotguns, they hurt my shoulder quite a bit after a range session.

Keep in mind that preceived recoil is noticeably reduced in most gas-operated guns, compared to pumps or break actions. Target loads also differ in recoil compared to heavy game loads and waterfowl magnum loads. 20 ga is good, but 12 ga will be the most versatile.

Many shooters are often suprised with both guages because their first experience with either is usually with light target loads, then later they go hunting and get real intimmidated with the heavier loads. Of course your shoulder will always take more punishment while trap shooting than it will while hunting. Just something to concider.

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20 gauge too big?

my 7 yr old shoots a 1100 rem 20 ga

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20 gauge too big?

I like the 20 gauge. Not many game animals around that can't be taken with one.

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20 gauge too big?

My first gun was a Harrington and Richardson 20 ga., single shot hammer..... great gun, took alot of small game with it, and even tried some deer hunting with slugs.....

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